Alor Gajah is a town as well as a district in Melaka, Malaysia. There are 31 sub-districts under Alor Gajah. Alor Gajah covers an area of 660 square kilometers and there are about 141,850 people in town. Alor Gajah is located 24 kilometers away from Melaka town and has turned into one of the main access to Melaka through North-South Highway.

When you are in Alor Gajah, always you will notice there are many old shop houses buildings around the town. These buildings were all constructed prior to World War 2, from around the year 1930s. The buildings are all well preserved to keeps its original state as much as possible due to the architectural and heritage value over the years. Best of all most of these buildings are housing the same families and businesses just like when they were opened for the first time in the last few millennium. The next spot is the Merdeka Monument found within the Dataran Alor Gajah. The monument marks the place and time where the declaration of Malaysia’s independence were announced during its independence day back in 1957. For history lovers, you may want to proceed to Alor Gajah District Museum to find out more about the history, cultures and traditional ceremonies of the people here in town. On the other hand, there is another monument at the centre of the Dataran Alor Gajah. It is a keris monument. Keris is a kind of traditional Malay weapon. Later on visitors may take a look at the Masjid Alor Gajah, which is the Alor Gajah Mosque. As the largest mosque within Alor Gajah, it is easily spotted at the town centre itself. The architecture of the mosque building is so beautiful and look very much alike to the Al-Azim Mosque in Malacca. Last but not least is the Pasar Minggu, or better known as “weekend market”. Alor Gajah is a quiet town but when comes to Sunday morning, the town comes alive where the market is held. Here people would set up their stalls selling things from fresh farm produce to household items and more. It is great fun to walk around the market as you will always spot a thing or two to buy.

How to get there:

Alor Gajah is mostly accessible via the North-South Highway. It takes about 1 hour and 19 minutes to drive here from Kuala Lumpur, almost 2 hours from Johor and 5 hours plus from Penang. As for those of you who prefer to come by bus, upon arrival you will stop at Alor Gajah Express Bus Terminal located at Jalan Dato Mohd Zin.