The beach front bungalow in Lankayan Island

Uninhabited and covered by lush tropical rainforest, Lankayan Island is a peaceful, unspoiled mini paradise ringed by a long stretch of white sandy beach and diversified of magnificent underwater marine life. The island is a well preferred destination for those who are looking for relaxation and tranquility in a calm natural atmosphere, Lankayan Island is also known as one of the best diving destinations in South East Asia, the spectacular colorful macro, fauna and captivating wrecks are some of the main attractions on the island.

Capturing the Best of Mother Nature in Lankayan Island

The jaw-dropping view you would witness when you are residing on the Lankayan Island is one perfect view you should never ever miss. It is a great opportunity for you to take out your camera and capture away the beautiful yet calming presence of the Mother Nature, with its clear blue sea presented in front of you, along with the beautiful corals and underwater creatures – fishes – smirking at you when you are relaxing on the beach.

Explore the Unique Underwater Marine Life in Lankayan Island

The marine life which you can discover on the Lankayan Island is yet another main attraction for you to visit the island when you are having vacation in Sabah. Here, you can find yourself looking at the tiny ribbon eels and even the blacktip sharks lurking around the corner of the ocean. If you are lucky, you can even be able to witness the nesting sites of the hawksbill turtle on the beach of the island. It is definitely a chance you should not miss especially when you are able to see with your own eyes the hatching of the cute baby turtles and the way they scramble and crawl their way back to the deep blue ocean.

Other species that reside in the waters of Lankayan Island includes scads, jacks, yellow tail, giant clams, decorator claw anemone fishes, spider crabs, nudibranchs, coral shrimps, prawn gobies, ghost pipefish, seahorses, flying gurnards, rays, parrot fishes and guitarfish.

Where to Stay in Lankayan Island

The Lankayan Island is a perfect place not only for those for love to explore underwater, it is also perfect for honeymoon and family vacation. The only resort on the island, Lankayan Island Dive Resort offers some wooden chalets that are unique and you will find no similarity to the hotels you always stay in during your vacation. Specialized service and top notch amenities are provided in the resort to meet your needs and the fine dining restaurant gives you the freshest seafood they can find.

Where is Lankayan Island and How to get there

Lankayan Island is a tiny tropical coral resort island located 15km away from Sandakan, northeast of Sabah in Malaysia.

Regular domestic flights to Sandakan are available from Kota Kinabalu or Kuala Lumpur. With a 30 minutes land transfer from Sandakan airport, visitors will arrive to the private Sandakan Yacht Club and follow by a 1 hour and 45 minutes speed boat transfer, the Lankayan Island is right here waiting for your arrival.