(2023/24) 10+ Popular Bangkok Tour Packages

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The main gateway through which visitors arrive in Thailand, Bangkok is visited by the majority of international tourists and domestic tourism is also prominent. Bangkok was also named “World’s Best City”, the world’s top tourist destination in several international rankings.

During the Ayutthaya Kingdom in the 15th century, Bangkok has traced its roots to a small trading post, which eventually grew and became the site of two capital cities as Thonburi in 1768 and Rattanakosin in 1782. Bangkok was at the heart of the innovation of Siam, later renamed as Thailand.

Bangkok’s multi-faceted sights, attractions and city life appeal to assorted groups of tourists. Royal palaces and temples, as well as several museums, constitute its major historical and cultural tourist attractions. Shopping and dining experiences offer a wide range of choices and prices. The city is also famous for its dynamic nightlife.


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  1. Hi i would like to request a quotation for 3 days 2 nights in Thailand.

    1. Guided Tour Package:
    o Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
    o Number of Participants: 5 to 8 people
    o Inclusions:
     Accommodation (please specify hotel ratings and room types)
     Transportation (including airport transfers and any additional transportation during the tour)
     Guided tours to key attractions and landmarks
     Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
     Entrance fees to attractions
     Mandarin-speaking tour guide
     Any additional services or amenities included in the package

    1. Dear Farah, good day, we are able to provide customization on bangkok tour, our customer service has email you accordingly. For further enquiry, you may click on the whatsapp/email button at the bottom right to contact us.

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