Pulau TigaThe naturally preserved element of the Mother Nature is definitely the highlight of the attraction in the state of Sabah. Thus, if you are to visit Sabah, be sure to check out places which portray the element preservation of the nature in Sabah. The Pulau Tiga “Survivor Island” is a great place to visit in Kuala Penyu if you intend to see more of Sabah’s beautiful nature and surrounding. You would be surprised to find out that the island is actually made to fame by the reality series “Survival” years ago, and this is definitely another bonus point for you to visit the island.

Attractions in Tiga Island

Besides, the location in which the island is located is also an ideal place for individuals to hang out especially when they are looking for a place which is more isolated and will definitely provide you with the peace of mind you want. Thus, the Pulau Tiga is also one of the recommended places for you to reside there when you are having your vacation in Sabah. There are two resorts on the island in which you can visit, one of them is the Pulau Tiga Resort; and another resort you can visit is the Borneo Survivor Resort.

Pulau Tiga scuba divingYou do not need to be afraid that you will be bored out during your stay on the island because there are various activities that you can participate in on the island. Swimming in the ocean will definitely help you to cool yourself down especially during sunny days. If you are a sports lover, you can even participate in some water sports such as snorkeling or kayaking which will definitely give you a new insight on the water participation in Sabah. Besides, you can also dive into the clear blue ocean to search for more marine treasures while capturing magnificent underwater pictures for remembrance and reference for the future.

Things to do in Tiga Island

One activity which you must not miss out on the Pulau Tiga is the volcanic mud. The volcanic mud possesses the ability to naturally provide therapeutic healing services for individuals. Thus, this volcanic mud can instantly wash away your tiredness and exhaustion after a whole day of expedition in the state. You can also join this soaking session with your friends and family to improve your relationship with them during this meaningful vacation in Sabah.

If you are interested to stroll around the cities of Sabah, the island also provides transportation and tour guide services which you can choose from so that you can obtain a better guide and head start on the state instead of walking around without direction.