Pulau Redang Attractions, Activities and Resorts Guide

Located at about 45km of the coast of Terengganu, Redang Island (Pulau Redang – 热浪岛) is the largest island in the state. It is famous for its pristine beaches, fabulous dive sites, crystal clear water and picturesque views. The most popular beach is the 800m Long Beach (Pasir Panjang) where most of the resorts and chalets dotted along the shore.

Attractions in Pulau Redang

Redang Long Beach

The long beach (长滩 – Pasir Panjang) in Redang is one of the best beaches in South East Asia, praised for its crystal clear water, pristine white sandy beach and abundance of underwater marine life near its shore.

Snorkeling in Redang Marine Park

Redang Marine Park (海洋公园)is the next best attraction that no one visitor should miss it. The water in marine park is filled with variety of small fishes and the swimming area is relatively big.

Activities in Pulau Redang

  • Snorkeling in the tranquil, crystal clear water to see colorful fishes and corals.
  • Scuba diving to discover the shipwrecks and other interesting features of the waters here in Pulau Redang. There are more than 30 dives sites near Pulau Redang.
  • Catch sunset from Long Beach and sunrise by evening cruise.
  • Trekking to see the diversified tropical plants and animals.
  • Turtle watching.
  • Night party!
  • Build sand castles with kids.
  • Get sweat by playing a round of beach volleyball or beach soccer.
  • Pamper yourself by signing up a spa package.
  • Sit back, relax and do NOTHING!

Pulau Redang Travel Guide

Pulau Redang is located in the state of Terengganu and can be accessed via Shahbandar Jetty and Merang Jetty. Related travel guides can be found below:

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