pangkor islandThe state of Perak beckons you to come and explore its mountain ranges, its caves and its beautiful islands along the coast. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday and enjoy tasting local delicacies, Pangkor Island (Pulau Pangkor) is the perfect place for you to visit in Perak.

The island of Pangkor is spectacular. Sun kissed beaches; perfectly painted skies and the never ending horizon are just some of the many attractions to make Pulau Pangkor your ideal destination for a relaxing gateway. Pulau Pangkor has been attracting many visitors to its shores; those looking for a calm and relaxing gateway under the sun. Pulau Pangkor is perfect for family retreat as well as a romantic gateway especially for the newlyweds.

Enjoy the Calm and Tranquility on the Pangkor Island Beach

The beaches along this island are spectacular; with swaying palm trees lining the beach front and the many islets in the vicinity; Pulau Pangkor definitely makes for a good holiday in the sun. You can head up north to Teluk Dalam for some of the best bay views. The Nipah Beach is by far the most beautiful beach of the island because of its white sandy beaches and the view here is just spectacular you have to see it for yourself.

For the Pangkor Island Adventure Nerds

Adventurous type of visitors will definitely love the uphill trek that goes across the entire island. The track is quite challenging but worth the effort because the view from the top is superb. Watersports are available anywhere on the island and you can engage in many interesting activities for reasonable fees. The island is definitely a must visit that you can come to all year round; especially since the waters on the west coast are not rough as compared to the east coast.

One activity that you would definitely not want to miss out on while in Pulau Pangkor would be to have a swim with the glowing planktons at night. The planktons in the day do not glow but at night, they illuminate the waters and make you feel like you are swimming with the stars in the heaven; definitely an experience to take home with you!

Where to Stay in Pulau Pangkor

There are plenty of accommodation options in the island ranging from budget hotels to mid range and luxury all inclusive beach resorts that suit every pocket. Visitors will find mostly budget hotels in the towns or near to the beach, although the hotel rate is cheap but the amenities and services provided are reasonably good. For holiday makers who are looking for a luxury retreat, Pangkor Laut located west of Pulau Pangkor features an untouched white sandy beach as well as some spectacular chalets built on the hilly side with panoramic ocean view. This resort not only perfect for family vacation, but it is also well preferred by honeymoon makers.

Unfortunately, there is no golf resort yet in Pangkor Island and golfer needs to travel back to mainland to enjoy a round of golf. With about 30 minutes drive from Lumut, the Swiss-Garden Golf Resort & Spa Damai Laut features an 18 holes international golf course designed by the famous Ronald Fream. The golf course is surrounded by lush tropical rain forest at one side and the South China Sea at the other side, golfing here will definitely offers an unique experience for the avid golfers at all lever.

Where is Pulau Pangkor and How to get there

Pulau Pangkor is located at about 90km away from Ipoh, the capital city of Perak. Getting to Pulau Pangkor is easy and you will need to take a ferry from the mainland, Lumut. The ferry ride will take about half an hour and when you reach, you can see the quaint jetty with many fishermen boats, fishermen and the settlements that give the place a unique charm about it.

For visitors who prefer to fly can make their way to Subang airport via domestic flight and connect with Berjaya Air for a direct flight to Pangkor Airport. For visitors who wish to enjoy the scenic view along the way to Lumut, self drive can be a good option, if you are international traveler, car rental companies can be found in the airport area or KL city area easily.