Malaysia is an amazing destination to spend a holiday in. with so much to do, see, experience and encounter, your time in Malaysia will definitely not be a dull one. Instead, you will be enjoying a fun-filled adventure as you explore and discover the heritage, the beauty and the hospitality of this nation.

If you are coming to Malaysia for vacation, one good state to visit would be the southernmost state of the Peninsular of Malaysia. The state of Johor beckons you to come to its shores and enjoy its beautiful stretch of beaches that will definitely leave you mesmerize. The island nicknamed the “General’s Hat Island” by the seamen who came here centuries ago is a good place to start. The island called Pulai Tinggi (also known as Tinggi Island) is a secluded, uninhabited island rising about 2000ft above sea level. The main island is large and surrounding it are eight smaller islets which promise you a holiday in seclusion, serenity and beauty of nature. This is definitely the perfect place for a gateway to relax, unwind and enjoy yourself as you sunbathe on the beautiful stretches of beach here. The island is secluded from the mainland. There are locals who form the highest residential number here among the entire island off the coast of Johor. The island certainly has a charming traditional settlement feel to it. The locals are friendly and will gladly show you around their beautiful island.

Attraction in Tinggi Island

The beaches along the coast of Pulau Tinggi are dotted with caves that you can explore. The caves provide for an adventure with you and your travel mates and are definitely a photographic haven. The backdrop of the island is a tropical rainforest. Here is where you can explore and discover the many unique species of flora and fauna. The trail is not too challenging here, making it just right for beginners. As you make your way through the trail, you can see glimpses of the ocean below. The view from the highest point on the island is definitely worth the effort.

When in Tinggi Island, the best activity to do would be to go snorkeling or scuba diving. The real fun is in the water and you should not pass up the opportunity to explore and discover the many delights and treasures that await you under the water.

If you come to Tinggi Island, your visit here would be made more worthwhile by staying a night or two in the numerous choices of resorts and hotels on the island as well as on the nearby Sibu Island.