A country that will never allow you to get bored during your stay, Malaysia has so much things to do and see to offer for its visitors. This tropical country not only well preferred by the locals in hunting for day trips, most of the overseas visitors to Malaysia would spend at least 10 to 15 days to discover the lush rainforests, white sandy beaches, beautiful islands as well as the towering skyscrapers available throughout the country. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or simply a leisure traveler, you will sure find something interesting here.

In this page, you will find trip reports ranging from day trip to multi day trip shared by the travelers who spent their holiday on their preferred destinations. Not only provide you an idea on the type of vacation you should expect, you will also get some details or hints in searching for the best accommodation, cheapest car rental company and the best tour package for your tour in Malaysia. These reports are based on the actual experience from the travelers who spent their holiday on the destinations they visited, this is a good opportunity for you to read some unbiased reviews on the hotels they have stayed, places they visited or foods they have eaten. In these reports, you will also find some very detail information that you will never find elsewhere, a true experience by the travelers themselves, whether good or bad.