Kundasang is a town located in the state of Sabah. It is situated in the district of Ranau, only 6 kilometers away from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kinabalu National Park. From the town, visitors can get an amazing panoramic view of the Kinabalu Mountain Range, especially during sunrise.

The Kundasang War Memorial stands out within the small town of Kundasang. It is a memorial built to commemorate the horrors of the Sandakan death march, where 2428 Australian and British prisoners died while being forced to march from Sandakan to Ranau by Japanese captives during World War 2. It also pays tribute to the locals who risked their lives to aid the prisoners of war. The fort like memorial is surrounded by gardens which includes many rare roses and orchids that are well preserved and makes the area a sight to behold.

Many fresh vegetables and local fruits can be found along long rows of wooden stalls along the main road. These local produce and freshly harvested from the local farm attracts many bulk buyers from all over the state.

Attractions in Kundasang:

1. Kinabalu Park
2. Mesilau
3. Mountain Torq Via Ferrata
Kinabalu Park , Kundasang Mesilau , Kundasang Mountain Torq Via Ferrata , Kundasang
4. Kundasang War Memorial
Kundasang War Memorial , Kundasang