Gua Tempurung (photo by Mark Thin)

Malaysia has many caves in each of its respective states, and one of the renowned caves known to most locals and foreign people is Gua Tempurung (Tempurung Cave) in the state of Perak. Being one of the valued limestone caves in Malaysia, it is no wonder that up till today, there is no ending to the amount of tourists that wish to visit this place that seemed to be so mysterious and yet intriguing.

One of the legend tales told regarding Gua Tempurung is that the cave used to be a hiding place for terrorists during the World War II, and one of the disreputable leaders of the terrorists, Lee Meng resided here temporarily.  On the other hand, another account was told that relates to the Japanese using this cave as a prison when they dominated the Land of Malaya, and this tale was supported with the existing flat steel bars that appear to be gate-like.

As visitors stride through the cave, they would be greeted by great possessions of stalagmites and stalactites which would leave them in definite awe! Visitors of this cave would be fascinated by how the rocks have taken such large form over the past years. This gives visitors a chance to be spell bounded by the wonders and forces of nature.

Being the largest cave in Malaysia, Gua Tempurung stretches to about almost 2 kilometres in distance and has as much as five naturally-produced domes; each with its own structure of stalactites and stalagmites. For the convenience of trackers, walkways have been constructed to ease exploring the cave. Now, one significant feature to accommodate the cave is the waterfall within it. The underground waterfall streams to a flow that follows the path of the cave, and the sounds from it are enough to keep the visitors at serenity.

Of course, in the cave, there are tiny creatures lurking around only to be seen by eyes that are alert enough, like small insects and at times, even scorpions! Visitors will hear squawks from birds and sight bats hanging from the ceilings of the limestone.

Seeing that Gua Tempurung is a long stretch, it is divided into specific sections; the lower passage named Molesworth Allen Tunnel, then as the tunnel ends, the cave will open up to caverns namely the Alam Cavern, Tin Miners’ Cavern and the largest, Gergasi Cavern. Once visitors are at the Gergasi Cavern, they would be greeted to an opening and that marks the end of their caving experience!

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