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Snorkelling in Tioman

With diverse marine life nestled within its healthy corals, snorkeling in Tioman is one of the must-do activities while having a vacation on the island. Snorkeling tours are available and provided by most resorts on the island. In fact, it is very unlikely that you will leave the island without having a snorkeling trip or […]

5 Redang Resorts With Gorgeous Swimming Pools

Extremely beautiful architecture leaves an impact, and swimming pools are no different. It is an immensely awe-inspiring feeling to soak in a gorgeous pool surrounded by sandy beaches and swaying coconut trees. And sometimes, you just want to dip in some familiarity – something that isn’t the large, spanning ocean. These Redang resorts provide the […]

Where to Stay in Tioman Island

Holding a reputation for one of the 10 must-visit islands in the world, Tioman Island has something unique to offer for travellers, especially those who love to discover the amazing underwater marine life or lush primitive jungles. Visitors to Tioman Island must not miss the opportunity to dive or snorkel as the underwater here features […]

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Diving in Tioman

A tropical country filled with plenty of beautiful shorelines and spectacular underwater marine life, Malaysia is one of the best countries in Asia for an island vacation. No doubt, with diversified of things to do and see in the many islands across Malaysia, diving is the best activity to explore more about the underwater world. […]

Snorkelling at Redang Island

For those who are looking for a trip to discover the beautiful underwater marine life and have no idea where to go, consider Redang Island! Located in the state of Terengganu, Malaysia, this paradise island has many unique things to offer. The marine life here is not only perfect for exploring via a diving trip, […]

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Diving at Redang Island

Known as the paradise for scuba divers, Pulau Redang is one of the most popular islands in Malaysia that offers plenty of opportunities on marine life discovery. With plenty of diving sites feature diversified of fish and coral species, diving in Redang promises an unforgettable experience for the novices as well as experienced divers. Jellyfish, […]

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Where to stay in Pulau Redang

A tropical island with an abundance of beautiful underwater marine life, unspoiled beaches and top-notch accommodation options, Pulau Redang (Redang Island) is one of the best island destinations in Malaysia for a honeymoon or family vacation. Depending on the type of vacation that you are looking for, the accommodation here ranges from budget resorts to […]

Tioman Peladang Chalet

Where is Tioman Island and How to Get There

Tioman is a tiny island with 12km wide and 39 km long off the south-east coast of Malaysia‚Äôs peninsular. The island is located just north of the border of Pahang-Johor and is reachable either by ferry or speedboat from Tanjung Gemuk or from the coastal town of Mersing, located at Johor. If you prefer flying […]