Looking for a car rental service in Kuching? Check out all the available car models with their respective car rental rate as below:

Pick up and drop off location: Kuching Airport, Kuching City Center and its surrounding (within 5km).

Perodua Kancil Manual
Perodua Kancil Auto
RM88 (daily) | RM528 (weekly) RM98 (daily) | RM580 (weekly)
Perodua Kelisa Manual
Perodua Kelisa Auto
RM110 (daily) | RM600 (weekly) RM118 (daily) | RM648 (weekly)
Perodua Kenari
Perodua Viva
RM128 (daily) | RM800 (weekly) RM110 (daily) | RM600 (weekly)
Proton Wira
Proton Gen2
RM138 (daily) | RM768 (weekly) RM148 (daily) | RM882 (weekly)
Proton Waja
Proton Saga
RM168 (daily) | RM1008 (weekly) RM148 (daily) | RM828 (weekly)
Toyota Avanza
Naza Citra
RM228 (daily) | RM1400 (weekly) RM228 (daily) | RM1400 (weekly)
Toyota Innova
Nissan Frontier
RM280 (daily) | RM1680 (weekly) RM250 (daily) | RM1500 (weekly)

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