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9 Activities For Adventure Junkies at Tioman Island

Tioman Island, located in the state of Pahang, is enormous and full of exciting activities to occupy your time. But besides the usual stuff like snorkelling and swimming, what else is there to do? Tioman offers several thrilling activities that will keep you fully-wired and pumped for the next few weeks! So take this chance […]

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Snorkelling in Tioman

With diverse marine life nestled within its healthy corals, snorkeling in Tioman is one of the must-do activities while having a vacation on the island. Snorkeling tours are available and provided by most resorts on the island. In fact, it is very unlikely that you will leave the island without having a snorkeling trip or […]

Berjaya Tioman Resort ATV Ride

15 Fun, Fabulous Activities To Do At Tioman Island

Pahang, the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, beckons you to come and enjoy its many beautiful sights and deeply-woven cultures. But honestly, nothing beckons stronger than Tioman Island and all the exciting activities it has to offer! If you’re planning to visit this paradise island soon, but are wondering what to do there – read […]

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Diving in Tioman

A tropical country filled with plenty of beautiful shorelines and spectacular underwater marine life, Malaysia is one of the best countries in Asia for an island vacation. No doubt, with diversified of things to do and see in the many islands across Malaysia, diving is the best activity to explore more about the underwater world. […]

Tioman Marine Park

If you are looking for a holiday under the sun and through the beautiful tropical forests of the country, Pahang is a great state to consider visiting while you are in Malaysia. The largest state on the Peninsular of Malaysia beckons you to come and experience first-hand the beauty of nature and many adventures that […]

Tulai Island

Coral Island (Tulai Island)

There are lots of things you can explore in Malaysia. Besides of the rich historical backgrounds and culture diversity, Malaysia is also well-known for its beautiful landscapes and views. Mountains and hills are in fact, one of the most important attractions for visitors to visit Malaysia; besides the mountains and the hills, the seas and […]