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The Ultimate Travel Guide To All 7 Tioman Island Villages

At the heart of Pulau Tioman, lie villages with a closely-knit community. There are only seven villages on the island. Popular among tourists are four villages – Tekek Village, Salang Village, Juara Village, and Air Batang Village (commonly known as “ABC Village”). Remote villages such as Genting Village, Nipah Village and Mukut Village with less […]

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Tioman Wildlife: Meeting The Island’s Real Locals

The island beckons, but it isn’t just the waves doing the calling. As local monkeys howl in the distance, we are reminded that Tioman Island is not just an underwater paradise but is also home to various wildlife – including those living above the waves. What wildlife can you expect to see at Tioman Island? […]

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25 Best Islands in Malaysia For Your Next Holiday (With Highlights)

Malaysia is home to many paradise islands that will make you go “Wow, how did I not know of this place?“. Imagine blue crystal-clear waters, thriving marine life and gorgeous views to die for. Still, if you haven’t been to any of these spectacular islands at all, it’s not too late.  Each of these islands […]

Pulau Tioman Review: Is It Still Worth Going?

Pulau Tioman is famous for its blue waters and beautiful beaches. But with all the fame surrounding it and with the coronavirus still a thing, is Pulau Tioman still worth going to in 2020? Let’s review! [lwptoc] Pulau Tioman (Tioman Island) Pulau Tioman is a beautiful, pristine island on Malaysia’s East Coast. It is located […]

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Where is Tioman Island and How to Get There

Tioman is a tiny island with 12km wide and 39 km long off the south-east coast of Malaysia’s peninsular. The island is located just north of the border of Pahang-Johor and is reachable either by ferry or speedboat from Tanjung Gemuk or from the coastal town of Mersing, located at Johor. If you prefer flying […]