Chingay Parade

The crowd during the past Chingay Parade in Johor (Photo By: ppunlimited.blogspot.com)

The word “Chingay” is derived from the Hokkien dialect which means “the art of costume and masquerade”. The Chingay Parade is a religious celebration of the Chinese deities’ birthday. Recent year, this traditional Chinese New Year parade has grown into a massive procession with the astonishing array of professional dancers, vibrant floats, jugglers, percussionists and even the acrobatic shows. Now, the parade is being treated as part of the Chinese New Year celebration, as well as the omen of harmony and prosperity of the town for the whole year. Join in the parade and experience the anticipation of the Spring Bloom during the “party” on the streets.

Event: Chingay Parade

Venue: Johor Bahru

Date: 20th February 2014

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