Crocker Range ParkMother Nature is never far away from us; instead, it is always beside us although we might not have the time to enjoy and appreciate them due to our overload workloads. Thus, if you finally obtain the chance for a vacation, it is ideal for you to spend your time in places where you can appreciate the Mother Nature and in the same time, reinforce your appreciation towards the preservation of Mother Nature today. Malaysia is a country which had been pouring in lots of effort continuously in preserving its Mother Nature. If you are to visit Sabah, one of the best places to visit would be the Crocker Range Park in Keningau.

One of the most respectable origins of the Crocker Range Park is the fact that the park was once a forest reserve back in 1968. Thus, upon visiting the park, you will definitely be able to witness for yourself the most original types of plants and animals residing in the forest ever since 40 years ago. The park is also a place ideal for individuals who are adventurous and who would like to seek for some challenging activities during their stay in Sabah. Besides of its status of preserving Sabah’s most original habitats in the park, many activities such as jungle trekking are provided for the visitors to enjoy and learn about the habitats in the same time.

rafflesia flower in Crocker Range ParkYou can also spend your time camping in the Crocker Range Park, which you will be able to observe the magnificent flora and fauna residing in the park up close. It is especially fruitful for flora and fauna researchers to visit the park because the park also contains many lifestyles of the habitats that cameras might not be able to capture. If you are interested with the study of the different tropical bird species, the park is also one spot you must not miss. Here, you will find all sorts of tropical bird species such as the Whitehead’s Broadbill, the Chestnut-hooded Thrushes, Blythe’s Hawk-eagle, and a lot more. You will also find Malaysia’s treasured hornbill appearing on and off in the park in search of food. These are all photo-worthy and also educational for you to explore while enjoying the beauty of the Mother Nature in Malaysia.

If you are not too fond of spending your night out in the park by camping, you can always head on to the accommodation spot the park recommends you, which you can spend your day exploring in the park and the night resting and relaxing yourself away while preparing yourself for more discovery that will be continued in the next days to come.

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