Cultural Handicraft ComplexOne of the most important things one cannot forget when he/she is traveling is to bring back souvenirs from the place he/she is visiting as a remembrance of his/her trip. Same goes to you when you are visiting Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia. Negeri Sembilan – although it is a small state – it is filled with both historical and traditional backgrounds, not to mention that the buildings in Negeri Sembilan are mostly built with the traditional Minangkabau architecture style. Taking photos of the place is indeed the best way to capture the memories you had bonded with the place. You can also buy some souvenirs from the place to share your memories with your families and friends.

If you plan to buy some souvenirs in Negeri Sembilan, you can consider visiting the Negeri Sembilan Cultural Handicraft Complex. In this place, you will find yourself being presented with high quality hand-made handicrafts produced by the local people in Negeri Sembilan. Besides, the Cultural Handicraft Complex in Negeri Sembilan also provides you with diverse varieties to choose from in terms of the gift you prefer through the different galleries in the complex itself.

There are three main galleries in the Cultural Handicraft Complex. One of them is the craft shop. Here, you can purchase valuable hand-made gifts by the local people. These gifts are produced with their traditional handicraft skills, and thus, the skills used in creating the gifts attach valuable meaning to the gift itself through the reflection of the local culture in the end product. Besides, there is also the heritage gallery, in which you can discover more about the local tradition and culture of the residents in Negeri Sembilan through the exhibition of traditional equipments used by the residents in the past. The craft gallery in the Cultural Handicraft Complex allows you to learn more about the traditional techniques used by the local people in Negeri Sembilan in producing the hand-made gifts, which you will be taking home with you later on.

Apart from purchasing gifts and souvenirs from the Cultural Handicraft Complex, you can also take the chance to capture more pictures as a remembrance of your trip. As mentioned, most of the buildings in Negeri Sembilan are built with the traditional architecture of the Minangkabau tradition, and this also includes the building of the Cultural Handicraft Complex. Being a 100-year-old building, the Cultural Handicraft Complex is seen as a state treasure and it is also a place which you should not miss when you visit Negeri Sembilan. Visiting the Cultural Handicraft Complex in Negeri Sembilan will also help you in understanding more about the local traditions and culture in Negeri Sembilan, which are highly preserved and reflected in the buildings designs they implement on most of their buildings up until today.

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