Danum Valley Conservation Area riverMalaysia is always supportive with the idea of ​​the preservation nature beauty and nature resources. There are many habitats in Malaysia which are facing extinctions, and Malaysia had always been putting a lot of great effort in protecting them, with the enormous hope that our future generations might still be able to see these superb and precious nature beauties in the future. If you are also a nature lover and are having a loving heart to witness the magnificent view of these natural beauties, perhaps you should head on to the Danum Valley Conservation Area in Lahad Datu, Sabah, to experience and indulge yourself in the gorgeousness of the Mother Nature.

The Danum Valley Conservation Area is one unique place to visit in Malaysia, purely due to it being one of the richest conservative centers in the entire world. Here, you will find yourself being surrounded by over 200 species of trees which are all highly protected by the government of Malaysia. Apart from that, the most precious experience you will obtain from visiting the conservation area is the opportunity to witness all the endangered wildlife lurking around the conservative center, as if they are welcoming you into their homes. Thus, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to see the Asian elephants, the orang utan, as well as the Sumatran rhino all accumulated in one location.

Danum Village

Danum Valley Conservation Area waterfallsThe Danum Village Conservation Area is also an excellent place for nature lovers like you to capture many beautiful and unforgettable pictures in the conservative center. You will get to see magnificent waterfalls and rivers with water splashing ferociously right in front of your eyes; so area will help you capture the nature habitats of the many flora and fauna in the country.

Ancient Kadazandusun Burial Site

Apart from that, you will also obtain the chance to witness the ancient Kadazandusun burial site. The Kadazandusun burial site consists of many historical stories yet to be unfolded by curious travelers like you. You can also get to see the ceramic spirit jars and the belian coffins once used by the local tribe tens and even hundreds of years ago. This is definitely a very important experience for you to be able to discover one of Malaysia’s most precious historical stories with your own eyes.

Before you conclude your trip in the Danum Village Conservation Area, feel free to relax yourself in the Jacuzzi pool prepared exclusively for curious and adventurous travelers like you to wash away your tiredness from the expedition in the conservation center. will be able to drive in an open jeep and explore the night wildlife in the conservation center. You may never know what new elements you will find in the dark.

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