Head over to the state of Perak. It will only take you a two hour drive from the city of Kuala Lumpur and you will definitely love how close you can get with nature’s best offerings. The longest mountain range sweeps across the state of Perak giving it some of its best geological features that you can visit. The state of Perak has many tourist destinations to visit that will make for a great holiday to be remembered.

The Deer and Ostrich Breeding Center is one such destination that will make the day of any animal lover, and those looking for different scenery from the one you see in the bustling cities. Located in Sungkai District, this wildlife reserve is yet another one of the many efforts done by the local wildlife department to ensure that the many endangered species are protected and conserved. Protection and conservation is very important in Malaysia and the Deer and other pheasant species here are well-protected; giving birth to an amazing destination that will make you holiday a memorable one.

The conservation work here centers on ensuring that the young deer from the sambar and pheasant species are protected well from natural prey and other risks that may arise in their natural setting. The center maintains a suitable gene breeding pool for these highly endangered species to ensure the continuity of the species.

Here, visitors can walk through lush greenery pathways that will lead you to the many enclosures that house the deer. Deer are friendly creatures and will come to you as long as you have a green stalk of leaves in your hand. The park is a great place to bring young ones because they will definitely love being able to stroke the friendly deer and feed them as well. The enclosures are clearly labeled and you can clearly identify the many types of deer that are housed and protected here. Also a highlight of the breeding centre is the Ostriches. There are several ostriches here that you can view and you can even see their large eggs that are laid and hatched here. The marvelous thing about an ostrich’s egg is that it is large and its shell can withstand a good amount of pressure that is put upon it. You can even stand on the egg and it will not crack open because of its strength. Ride on an ostrich if you are bold enough to. Whatever it may be, the Sungkai Wildlife Reserve is definitely a great place to spend a day.

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