Dr Sun Yat Sen MuseumOff the west coast of the Malaysian Peninsular lies an island filled with great adventures, amazing sun-kissed beaches and a whole line up of heritage sight-seeing tourist spots. Penang Island has a rich history and is home to many heritage sites, making it a great place to visit while having vacation in Malaysia.

One such heritage site that is a must visit when you visit the Penang island is the Dr Sun Yat Sens Museum. Known as the man who overthrew the Qing Dynasty and building the Republic of China that still stands, Dr Sun Yat Sen had his humble beginnings right here, in this street. Located along Armenian Street, George Town, this museum offers visitors a pristine insight into his life as well as the happenings of this humble shop house. The shop house is unique, yet blends with the other buildings on the street but it was in this shop house unit that many remarkable events made their way into the annals of history.

For a very low fee of RM 3, step in and immerse yourself in the rich history that shrouds this shop house. Walk through a hall way adorned with many pictures and see the happenings and revolutionary efforts of Dr Sun while he was in Penang. There are personal photos of him as well as the array of pictures that show him as he went on his mission to make China a republic.

statue of sun yat senThe shop house has a Straits Chinese atmosphere which is amazing because it has the ability to take visitors back to the days when crucial meetings were held right here that altered the course of history of an entire nation. The shop house was also the venue for the Penang Meeting for the Tung Meng Hui party. Who would have guessed that the inconspicuous was the place where the party crafted the Canton Uprising in the year 1911 which played a great role in leading China to republic status.

If you would like to see a typical Nyonya kitchen, then the museum is a great place to visit and see what it was like back in those days. Several items in the house are antiques which date as far back as the 1900s can be found right here. Another great reason to head on down to the Dr Sun museum is that this was the very first shop house that was used to film the international acclaimed movie A Road to Dawn. The film narrates the struggles of Dr Sun in his mission to topple the Qing Dynasty while outside the motherland.

Dr Sun Yat Sen Museum statueIt gives you no reason for not visiting the Sun Yat Sen Museum. Get on a public bus and when you reach Armenian Street, hop off and walk a couple of minutes. The shop house is easy to locate as it is located along the main road and a grand statue of Dr Sun stands at the entrance to greet visitors.

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