Like a challenging place that is full of natural habitat and beauty? If so, Kandu cave is the best choice. Their natural beauty is capable of mesmerizing anyone who looked and love for the extraordinary adventure. Located at Gopeng area, about 20 km from Ipoh , Kandu cave are easy to find. As usual, it has its own natural history. This began during the Japanese colonial era, where the villagers are forced to dig tunnels for a cup of rice in return. When the Japanese surrender, the communist took over and this can be seen through the graffiti that can be found at the wall.

Jeep Ride

Kandu cave has three different sections and 4 entrances. One of them is located near Tempurung cave, and it is often used. You can use a jeep ride for about half an hour and begin the exploration with a short jungle tracking. enjoy the scene differently from other cave. About two hours and more, you can finish the cave exploration that includes rock scaling and rock sliding.

Crystal Souvernir

The cave is mostly surrounded with crystal at its small downward chamber that makes this the special attraction because tourists always love to break a small piece of crystal as souvenirs. You can reach the chamber as you walk carefully over the rocks that look like floating which you can’t see the bottom. Kandu caves are more often dry, dusty and small but you will like it if you are type of adventurous person. What makes it exciting is that the cave is full of natural wonders from an ancient cemetery of sea life If you are in luck, you can see the crystal shining beautifully as the light from outside comes in as the breeze blows you slowly.

Best Time to Explore

The best time to explore is the cave is at night time because you can feel the freshen air in the cave with a little noise from the nature. But, please avoid the rainy season. The rustic surrounding can impress you to stay longer. go deeply, a strange quiet surrounding that can give you goose bumps as you see the stalagmites and stalactites intersperse with crystal stones. This is where your pictures appear really well. The rocks are so winding so you might need to be careful as you are hiking .As you look up, the views are so magnificent covered up with various shapes of stones and rocks.

Since this place is still embraced by raw wilderness, you will have to get complete supplies of food and water. Also, you must be prepared with the equipment and get prepared mentally and physically.

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