Malaysia is a unique land where diversity thrives and the sun never fails to shine. There is just too much to do in Malaysia and you will definitely be left with so much to do and so little time to fully explore the many amazing destinations that will captivate your senses. Do consider visiting the state of Johor. Johor is situated on the southern tip of the peninsular of Malaysia and is very close to the international border of Singapore. It is one of the many states in the country that is rich in history; dating as far back as the Malaccan sultanate. The state of Johor is the second most populated state in the country spread over its many districts. Johor is a great place to explore and learn more about the traditional culture of the land.

A good place to visit while in Johor is the Fishermen Museum. Johor is known for its many fishermen villages spread across its many districts. The Tanjung Balau Fishermen Museum is a good place to start in order to gain a better insight into the secrets, history and amazing facts of fishing traditional style. The South Johor Development Authority or better known locally as KEJORA, developed the museum in order to develop the projects of the fishing villages that were set up around Tanjung Balau. The museum gives the general public and tourist a better understanding in the occupation and the lifestyle of a fisherman. Fishing has been the primary economic source that supported the fishermen down through the generations and the museum will tell you all about it.

As you walk through the museum, you will definitely be mesmerized by the displays here. You will discover many tips and facts behind the trade that will baffle you. The many techniques used by seafarers are put on display here. For example, you will discover that you can predict the area that will have a higher concentration of fish by just looking at the sea water’s color. The moon and other natural features helped the fishermen in increasing the yield and catch. The museum will also illuminate the many local taboos and superstitions that the fishermen passed on from generation to generation about the sea.

Check out the many artifacts that date very far back and were used by fishermen. The displays are labelled and provide a detailed and insightful explanation of how the tools are used. You will see tackles, fishing nets and specialized fishing traps; all ingenious designs of the local fishermen.

Recommended Area to Stay in Johor
Johor Bahru City Centre
Gateway to the city attractions, Legoland Theme Park and eateries.
For those looking for beach vacation and nature exploration.