Gomantong CaveThe whole world is made up of unique structures that had made its existence ever since thousands and even millions of years ago. Every part of the world holds some interesting structure that makes the place unique. Same goes to Sabah in Malaysia. In Sabah, you will find uncountable natural resources forming the land of the state. If you are interested in exploring more of Sabah’s natural formation of structures, you might want to visit the Gomanton Cave located in Sandakan.

One of the most unique features of the Gomanton Cave is the fact that the cave had always been the best focus for bird nests preservation for centuries. The cave’s history related to bird nests preservation is a long one, dating back to the 13th century when Chinese traders arrived in the cave harvesting for more bird nests.

Upon reaching the Gomantan Cave, you will find yourself being exposed to two types of cave complexes for you to explore. The Simud Hitam (also known as the Black Cave) provides you with a well-maintained boardwalk which you can enjoy your exploration in the cave with the best safety measures prepared for you. You might also obtain the chance to witness the trained and skilled harvesters conducting their work in the Black Cave when you are there for your exploration. Apart from that, there is also the Simud Putih (also known as the White Cave) which you will be able to discover more unique and also one of the best bird nests here. Individuals who are interested in knowing more about the natural resources in Sabah would definitely find the cave as one of the best places to enhance their knowledge and to fulfill their craves to know more.

Besides of obtaining the chance to witness yourself the harvesting of the precious bird nests in the cave, you may also get to see various unique creatures residing in the cave such as the bat hawks, serpent eagles, and many more. If you plan to stay longer in the Gomantan Cave to help you with your study or to explore more of the cave, you are always free to utilize the facilities and services provided to you by the local people, in which there will be a picnic area for you to enjoy a meaningful bonding session with your friends and family while exploring more of the cave; and also the Gomantong Rainforest Chalet, which will help you rest your night away so as to prepare you for more exciting exploration in the following days.

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