Gunung Belumut Recreational ForestIts name comes from the large numbers of slippery and slimy stones that are found throughout the mountain. Gunung Belumut Recreational Forest is situated in Kluang Town part of the central Johor. An interesting fact about Gunung Belumut’s forest: within the greenery you may spot one or two tigers. Scary as it may sound, when you do see a tiger in the area don’t be afraid. This beautiful creature of the wildlife does not seek to harm any people unless they are being agitated and disturbed. The tigers normally will go back to their hiding place when they spotted humans. However, this only applies to the tigers here in Malaysia.

Gunung Belumut Recreational Forest is known for its jungle tracks of Mount Belumut. Visitors should really take a two-hour hike up the trails of the mountain to catch a glimpse of the Crown Rock (aka Batu Mahkota) that resembles a giant crown. If this adventurous trip is what you are craving for, it is advised that visitors should be fit enough in term of physical especially with the mountain’s closely compact jungle tracks. The peak of Mount Belumut is 1,004 metres above sea level and you can enjoy the beautiful summit view from the peak. Visitors are advised to be back from the mountain before the sky turns dark.

Gunung Belumut Recreational Forest summit viewThe Gunung Belumut Recreational Forest isn’t only for visitors who are looking for physical activities during their visits; the forest is also a wonderful place for one to bring loved ones and families. You can enjoy picnics at the park as well as setting up camp at the campsite. The forest’s beauty is completed with several sparkly waterfalls that are irresistible. Visitors can enjoy a fun bath in the waterfalls or just simply splash around in the waters for a fun and exciting time.

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