Fort LukutMalaysia is usually well-known for its historical backgrounds and diverse cultures in the societies of Malaysia. Besides, Malaysia is also unique in a way in which every single state in Malaysia has its very own historical story, which is usually meaningful and motivational to both the local people as well as the foreign tourists visiting the different states in Malaysia. Although Negeri Sembilan is one of the smallest states in Malaysia, it has its own unique story to tell as well.

If you are to visit Negeri Sembilan with an intention to know more about the historical background of the country, the Fort Lukut in Negeri Sembilan is a must-go for you. In Fort Lukut, you will find it as the Bugis fort that is preserved the best in the country of Malaysia. Even though the war and the flow of time had run the Fort Lukut down, you will still be able to see bits of historical pieces left behind by the trace of war in the past. Furthermore, these war traces are also the best evidence in Fort Lukut for you to observe the true spirit of the local warriors in Negeri Sembilan in fighting for their country they love so much.

In order to understand more of the history of Negeri Sembilan, you can also visit the Lukut Museum situated at the bottom of the hill in Fort Lukut. Here, you will be able to see an exhibition of the sunken Dutch warships recovery. This exhibition will definitely give you a clearer idea on the historical background of Negeri Sembilan in the 16th and 17th century. Besides, if you are interested in the tradition and culture of the local people in Negeri Sembilan, the Lukut Museum in Fort Lukut will also bring you through more exhibitions on the culture and tradition of the Minangkabau clan in this state.

Lukut MuseumTo provide you with a better idea of the Lukut Museum’s structure, the museum is divided into four galleries. The History of Lukut Gallery allows you to understand and discover more of the local historical background of Negeri Sembilan as well as Lukut itself. This also includes the struggle and determination the local warriors had went through in protecting their beloved country. The Customs and Traditions Gallery helps you to understand more of the traditional cultures of the local people in Negeri Sembilan, specifically the Minangkabau clan. Apart from that, you can also spend some time in the museum looking at the different photos and models of the local tin-mining equipment. This would give you a brief idea of the way the local people used to work in the past.

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