Terengganu is famous and well known for its islands that gleam invitingly in the South China Sea. Getting into these islands is easy but may be confusing as the departure point varies. Here is a list of summary on the departure jetty and its nearest airports as well as the travel time between various jetties, airports, bus terminals and resorts.

Getting to the islands in Terengganu:
IslandJettyNearest Airport
Pulau RedangMerang Jetty/Syahbandar JettyKuala Terengganu
Pulau Lang TengahMerang JettyKuala Terengganu
Pulau PerhentianKuala Besut JettyKota Bharu
Pulau BidongMerang JettyKuala Terengganu
Pulau KapasMarang JettyKuala Terengganu
Pulau GemiaMarang JettyKuala Terengganu
Pulau TenggolKuala Dungun JettyKerteh
Travel Time: from airport/bus terminal to jetty by land transportation
Kuala Terengganu AirportSyahbandar Jetty20 minutes
Kuala Terengganu Bus TerminalSyahbandar Jetty5 minutes
Kota Bharu AirportKuala Besut Jetty45 minutes
Tanah Merah Train StationKuala Besut Jetty45 minutes
Kuala Terengganu AirportKuala Besut Jetty90 minutes
Jerteh Bus TerminalKuala Besut Jetty15 minutes
Kuala Terengganu AirportMerang Jetty30 minutes
Kuala Terengganu Bus TerminalMerang Jetty40 minutes
Kuala Terengganu AirportMarang Jetty30 minutes
Kuala Terengganu Bus TerminalMarang Jetty30 minutes
Kerteh AirportKuala Dungun Jetty20 minutes
Kuala Terengganu Bus TerminalKuala Dungun Jetty45 minutes
Travel Time: from jetty to island by boat
Syahbandar JettyPulau Redang90 minutes
Merang JettyPulau Redang60 minutes
Kuala Besut JettyPulau Perhentian45 minutes
Merang JettyPulau Lang Tengah45 minutes
Merang JettyPulau Bidong30 minutes
Marang JettyPulau Kapas15 minutes
Marang JettyPulau Gemia15 minutes
Kuala Dungun JettyPulau Tenggol45 minutes
Recommended Area to Stay in Terengganu:
Kuala Terengganu
Gateway to all the city attractions in Terengganu and gateway to the islands paradise.
Pulau Redang
Well known for its picturesque scenery and magnificent dive sites.
Pulau Perhentian
For holiday makers who love sun, white sandy beach and crystal clear water.
Pulau Lang Tengah
A peaceful and secluded holiday destination, perfect for honeymooner.