Kaki Bukit is a small town in Perlis with a small population of only 3000 people. There used to be tin mining during the end of the 19th century as tin was in high demand in Europe.

The local attraction here is a place called Gua Kelam, a 370 meter long limestone cave that is equipped with lights and suspension bridges to make it easy for visitors to explore. There is a subterranean stream that flows through the cave and was used back in the olden days to transport tin from nearby mines. It is also a recreational park, where locals will bring along their children for walks.

After a walk around Gua Kelam, visitors can drop by the Khuan Bee Kopitiam or Chiong Hin Coffee Shop for local famous handmade steamed buns, steamed glutinous rice with chicken, and kaya puffs.

Attractions in Kaki Bukit:
1. Gua Kelam
Gua Kelam (Dark Caves)