Kampung Kuala AbaiBeing a country with diverse cultures and races, Malaysia consists of various different yet unique traditions to be explored. Every state in Malaysia has its own stories to tell. If you are visiting Sabah, there are two things about the state that you should not miss – the traditions and cultures of the local people, as well as the beauty of the natural resources in the state. In order to know more about the local traditions and cultures in the state of Sabah, the best way is to approach the local people themselves, and if possible, live with them for a period of time so that you would be able to witness for yourself the ways these local people conduct their lifestyles. Thus, if you are interested in knowing more of the local people’s traditions and cultures in Sabah, perhaps you would find the Kampung Kuala Abai in Kota Belud a beneficial place for you to explore.

The Kampung Kuala Abai (aka Kuala Abai Village) is one of the famous fishing villages in Sabah, in which most of the local people staying in the village use fishing as their main income support. Upon reaching the village, you would realize that the village consists of mostly houses and small buildings built with the traditional skills of the local people. Instead of seeing the usual cement and bricks on huge and modernized buildings in the big city, you would instead find yourself admiring the simple wood and nail buildings that are often being constructed by the local people’s own hands.

Kampung Kuala Abai beachYou are always free to converse with the local people in the Kampung Kuala Abai. They are more than welcome to invite you to their houses and tell you uncountable stories on their lives in the village. If you are looking for some thrill in the village, you can also head on to try out their water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving. Besides, due to the fact that village is a fishing village, you can even try out fishing in the village with the guidance from the local people. No matter if you are an amateur or newbie in fishing activities, this experience will definitely help you benefit in this hobby in certain ways.

Kampung Kuala Abai is also a great place for you to discover more of the lifestyles of the local people residing in the village. You will be able to see children playing traditional games outside of their houses while the adults spend some quality time under the shades of the trees updating each other on their respective lives. These are scenes rare to be seen in the busy cities and upon witnessing such tranquility in the village, it is definite that you would miss this kind of peacefulness once you are back to your busy home country.

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