Malaysia is a country consisting of various cultures and traditions yet to be explored. The local people in Malaysia are especially particular with their preservation of their local traditions, in which many of these traditional skills are being passed down to the future generations. Due to the fact that Malaysia is currently a developing country, it might be tricky for one to locate the exact place to witness for him/herself the uniqueness of these traditional skills. Sabah is a state in Malaysia which consists of various traditional skills which are still well-preserved by the local people. If you are interested with some of the traditional skills practiced by the local people in Sabah, perhaps you can head on to the Kampung Siasai (aka Siasai village) in Kota Belud to witness the whole process of parang making for yourself.

Kampung Siasai parangThe parang is a unique and meaningful weapon for the local people in Sabah, especially the Bajau tribe in the state. The art of parang making had been implemented by the local people for a very long time. For them, parang is not only a weapon, but it is also a working tool to help them ease their workload in their daily lifestyles. Thus, the importance of parang making is emphasized by the local people to ensure that the quality of the parang being crafted is able to help them achieve what they want in the end of the day.

Upon visiting the Kampung Siasai, you will obtain the opportunity to learn more about the ancient and unique skills used by the local people for parang making. Besides of having to witness for yourself the whole process of parang making, you will also be able to sense the passion and determination of the local people when it comes to parang making. This can indirectly reflect to you on the effort the local people had poured in to preserve their tradition and culture.

Besides, you would also find that although the technology today had improved and that many useful tools and equipments had been developed to ease the workload of the individuals today, the Bajau community in the Kampung Siasai is still loyal towards the use of their very own hands in crafting a whole new and original parang without the use of any modern equipments and technologies. This is definitely not an easy task for them considering the amount of practice and determination they need to input in order to be able to craft a good parang.

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