kaul festival

Mouth-watering traditional food served during the festival  (Photo credits to: www.photoblog.com -)

Kaul is a Melanau traditional festival celebrated annually during the third week of April to appease the spirits of the forest, land, sea and farm. This ritual is carried out to thank the spirits or guardians for a good year and pray for a bountiful year ahead. The celebration of Kaul involves a communal picnic on the right bank of the Mukah river estuary. During that week, various activities which cater to a wide range of age groups will be organized. The highlight of this festival is no doubt the Serahang procession which is led by a local Melanaus’ community leader.  Other activities include traditional games, DIY the Giant Swing (Tibow) and indulging in Melanau’s traditional food served on the log.

Event: Kaul Festival

Venue: Kaul Festival Square, Mukah, Sarawak

Date: 27 – 30 April, 2014

Ticketing: Free admission