Kawang Forest CentreBeing a developing country, Malaysia is very passionate in preserving the unique elements in the country such as the local people’s cultural backgrounds, as well as the nature beauty that had been existing in the country ever since hundreds and thousands of years ago. For nature lover, Malaysia would definitely be one of the must-go destinations during vacations. If a nature lover like you are to visit Sabah this holiday, be sure not to miss out the Kawang Forest Centre located in Papar.

The Kawang Forest Centre is unique in its own way, being the place to preserve and to protect the precious flora and fauna residing in the forest. Today, this forest centre also play the important role in the supplying of gravity water to the local people who live within the proximity of the forest center. Thus, it can be seen that the forest centre is an important place for the local people in terms of the preservation of the precious habitats, as well as in helping the local people to lead a better lifestyle through the contribution provided by the forest centre.

If you are a nature lover who loves to challenge more exciting and thrilling activities close to nature, the Kawang Forest Centre might just be the right place for you to explore. Upon visiting the forest centre, you will be able to participate in the jungle trekking expedition in the forest centre. Besides of helping you to ease your crave for more exciting jungle trekking adventure, the forest centre can also help you to learn more about the precious flora and fauna residing in the forest centre when you are enjoying your jungle trekking expedition in the same time.

Kawang Forest Centre bat caveApart from that, you can also grab this chance to have another thrilling camping adventure in the Kawang Forest Centre. No need to worry about the safety measurements because the entity in charge of the forest centre has prepared various safety tools and measurements which will ensure that you will have a worry-free adventure, even when you have to spend your entire night in the forest centre. Another place for you to explore in the forest centre is the bat cave. Here, you will find different types of bats lurking around the corners of the cave, and if you are lucky, you might even catch sight of them conducting their daily activities in the cave.

In short, the Kawang Forest Centre is definitely an exciting yet educational place for nature lovers to explore. Besides of obtaining an unforgettable adventure in the forest centre, you will also find yourself knowing more about the flora and fauna in the state after your visit to the forest centre.

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