Kedah Bike Week 2014

The row of “Super Bikes” during the previous Bike Week event (Photo By: xnuripilot.blogspot.com)

The enthusiastic bikers would not want to miss this opportunity to join the Kedah Bike Week in Keriang Hills Resort. There is an approximate 2,000 super bikers from the South East Asia countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam would form a fleet of motorbikes from some world renowned brands through Kedah with the safety and medical assistance standby in place. In addition, the Kedah Bike Week is also the host of the motor-related events. The motorbike lovers would certainly anticipate being a part of this event!

Event: Kedah Bike Week 2014

Venue: Keriang Hills Resort

Date: 21st February 2014 – 22nd February 2014

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