Kelambu BeachNothing will ever beat spending your holiday with peace and enjoyment. Many would prefer to spend their vacation in a peaceful yet thrilling place, in which they would be able to escape from their daily stress and pressure in the big cities. Malaysia is a country emphasizing heavily on the preservation of Mother Nature, and thus, if you are to visit Malaysia, be sure to not miss out their jaw-dropping and peaceful beaches in the country. In Sabah, there are many things that will keep your days occupied; however, at the end of the day, it is still important to settle down in a place in which you could relax yourself completely and have a good rest to pump up your energy for the following days to come. One of the recommended places in Sabah that would enable you to do so is the Kelambu Beach located in Kudat.

It is important for you to conduct a certain extent of research first before you head on to the Kelambu Beach because the beach is like a hidden treasure of the state and there are barely any road signs to guide you there. However, you will definitely not regret searching your way to the beach upon seeing the peaceful sea and the untainted beach which signifies the beauty of the Mother Nature being preserved by the government of Malaysia. It is also recommended for you to visit the beach with your friends and family in which you will be able to experience great bonding sessions with them while having a meaningful picnic session or joining in some beach volleyball games with your friends and your children.

Kelambu Beach sunsetAfter spending a meaningful day on the Kelambu Beach appreciating the gorgeous Mother Nature and spending quality time with your friends and family, you can also sit down and relax yourself with the cooling sea breeze while listening to the sound of sea waves hitting the rocks on the beach. When evening arrives, you will even obtain the precious chance to witness the beautiful sunset on the beach. Do not forget to capture some pictures here with your friends and family as these pictures would definitely add in as another unforgettable yet precious memory in your photo album, as a remembrance of your visit to the Kelambu Beach in Sabah. In the same time, you can also return to the beach early in the morning to witness the gorgeous sun rise, while spending your time jogging around the beach to explore more of the beach’s beauty.

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