Kinabalu ParkThe increasing pace of the society has causes individuals to overlook certain small yet meaningful elements in the world. Sometimes, the business of individuals in handling their daily workload also causes them to be unable to spend more time with their families and their friends. Thus, if you are able to get some time off your work, be sure to use this time to do something meaningful so as it will not go to waste. Being a nature lover, it is a rare opportunity for you to enjoy the beauty of the Mother Nature entirely because of the overload work you are handling in your daily life. Therefore, if you are planning to visit a place which you can fully enjoy the nature’s beauty in Malaysia; be sure not to miss out the Kinabalu Park located in Kundasang.

Kinabalu Park adventure tourKinabalu Park is most well-known for the possession of outstanding and gorgeous biological attributes in the park. Upon setting foot in the park, you will find the park a natural educational spot for plants and animals lovers. In the park, you will be exposed to more than 5,000 types of vascular plant species, including the state’s treasured and rare Rafflesia species. Apart from the overloaded and rare plant species, there are also different uncountable types of fauna residing in the park. These fauna include the lowland mammal species, the bat species, different bird species, the toad and frog species, as well as the butterfly species. Thus, this park is definitely one of the best places for flora and fauna researchers to visit so as to enhance their knowledge on the precious flora and fauna species in the country.

Apart from that, one of the main features you must not miss out when visiting the Kinabalu Park is the jaw-dropping Mount Kinabalu. Being the highest mountain in South East Asia, nature lovers like you can take this opportunity to climb the mountain, while easing your crave for more thrill and excitement in being on one of the highest mountains in Asia. Furthermore, if you are not too fond of exploration under the hot sun, you can also head on to the Kinabalu Natural History Gallery, in which you will be expose to the exhibitions of all types of flora and fauna residing in the Kinabalu Park. Guided tours will be provided for you if you intend to learn more of the different species in the park, as well as the meaningful stories embedded with the park.

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