The fourteen states of Malaysia will definitely leave you spoiled for choice when it comes to picking destinations to include into your itinerary. Here is a review of a destination in Perak that could influence your decision to come and visit this charming state that has the longest mountain range sweeping through it.

The Lata Kinjang Waterfall in Perak is a beautiful one and is one of the most popular water falls in the country. If you are travelling to this destination or to the state of Perak using the North South Highway, you will definitely see the waterfalls. Although it can see from the main highway of the country, getting there is an adventure in itself. Pass by quaint villages and get off the beaten track to find yourself at a beautifully refreshing and rejuvenating waterfall. When you arrive you will be greeted by the crisp fresh air of the area and there are many hawkers’ stalls at the foot of the hill that sell souvenirs, and other small trinkets that may interest you. Do try out the food at the hawker stalls here as well. They dish up some of the best local delicacies for a very reasonable price. The waterfall area has plenty of parking spaces so you need not worry about having a trouble finding a good parking spot.

Then, make your way to the lower cascades. The Lata Kinjang waterfall is one of the tallest falls in Malaysia, streaming down vertically into a beautiful pool of refreshing water; perfect for an afternoon bath to refresh and cool you. The lower cascades are pretty awesome and the water flows much slower here but is still an amazing place to stop and take in the lush green scenery. There are cement steps that will bring you to a suspension bridge; definitely something to be called an adventure and you can see the higher waterfalls that cascade down with more force. The suspension bridge is not too long and not too high up so it would not be much of a challenge for those afraid of heights. The suspension bridge gives you a good view of the cascading falls below you and is definitely a good place to take some well-angled photographs of this destination.

The fun does not stop here. Although the cemented steps come to an end, you can still venture upwards if you are brave enough. The last fall is definitely worth the effort and is a vertical fall that is definitely something to see. The pool of the last fall is the best. From the top here, you get a spectacular view of the highway and the surrounding mountain ranges; definitely something you will remember for a very long time.

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