Limbang Airport is located approximately 4.8 km from Limbang, a town in the Sarawak state. It is surrounded by Brunei border both at the east and the west. Sarawak towns with closest proximity to the airport are Limbang, Lawas, Sipitang, Miri, and Marudi. The airport’s IATA code is “LMN”, and ICAO code is “WBGJ”.

How to travel between Limbang Airport and Limbang Town

Airport Transfer:

Limbang is a small town with limited public transport. However, the good news is that most hotels in Limbang do offer airport transfer or van shuttle services. There are a handful of local travel agents offering airport transfer services as well.

How to travel between Limbang Airport and Kuching

Kuching, the capital city of Sarawak, is approximately 997 km away from Limbang Airport by road. Passengers can travel to and from Kuching:

By flight:

The most convenient way to travel is probably by flight, with stopover in Miri. Malaysia Airlines operates daily flights serving Limbang – Miri, Miri – Kuching, Kuching – Miri, and Miri – Limbang routes. Flight time for Limbang – Miri or vice versa takes approximately 30 minutes, and for Miri – Kuching or vice versa it takes approximately 1 to 2 hours depends on route and timing. One-way ticket costs around RM200 to RM410.

By bus:

From Limbang, passengers can board Bintang Jaya bus to Miri. The bus leaves Limbang bus terminal daily at 1.45 pm and costs RM45 one-way. From Miri to Kuching, passengers can board Biaramas Express bus, which makes 10 trips from 6.30 am to 10.00 pm daily, or Bintang Jaya bus, which leaves Miri at 1.00 pm and 5.30 pm daily. Bus ticket costs RM80 one-way. For returning passengers, Kuching – Miri bus is operated by Biaramas Express at RM80 one-way. There are 10 buses leaving Kuching daily from 7.30 am to 10.30 pm. From Miri to Limbang, passengers can take Biaramas express bus at 2.00 pm or Bintang Jaya bus at 8.30 am. Ticket costs RM45 one-way. Limbang – Kuching trip or vice versa can take up to 14 hours on the road and may involve crossing the Brunei border.

Airlines served by Limbang Airport:

Limbang Airport offers direct connectivity to Kota Kinabalu, Lawas, Marudi, Miri, and Sibu.  MasWings (operated by Malaysia Airlines) is the only airline operating from the airport currently.