Linangkit Cultural Village cultural showEvery single culture is unique. In Sabah, the community is made up of different tribes and culture. Sabah is a great place to explore and to enhance your knowledge on the different cultures residing in the land. In order to be able to learn entirely about one culture, the best way is to blend in with the culture and live with them. The up close observation and personal interaction with the local people will definitely help you to learn more about them in a more accurate and meaningful way. Thus, if you want to learn more about one of the tribes in Sabah – the Lotud tribe – feel free to head on to the Linangkit Cultural Village for a close up on the daily lifestyles and culture of this local tribe in Sabah.

The Lotud tribe residing in the Linangkit Cultural Village is more than welcome to invite you into their lives. Here, you will obtain the precious opportunity to live the life of the Lotud tribe while learning more about them in the same time. The villagers in the village are also very friendly and happy to explain and introduce you with the small elements and details in their village – which are often tightly related to their daily lifestyles – and thus, you would not need to feel foreign or awkward when you are in the village.

Linangkit Cultural VillageThe villagers in the Linangkit Cultural Village will also bring you around the village through a short tour by which you will learn about the culture that you will never get to know. In the village, you can observe clearly the building structure of the houses in the village, which are mostly built with the traditional building skills of the local people. In the same time, you will also obtain the chance to witness the making of the Lotud tribe’s traditional attires; if you are lucky, you would even get to try on and purchase the handmade attires produced by the local people back to your home country.

Apart from that, you will also get to see the traditional skills of the local people in the village when they demonstrate their handicraft skills, and also when they show you the different ways to cook their signature cuisines in the village. If you are interested with the activities they conduct in a daily basis to support their families, the villagers are also more than welcome to allow you in participating with some of their proud activities such as fish netting and tapioca plucking. There are also various other activities such as firefly watching and river cruising which you can join in the village to further witness the beauty of the village surrounding with your very own eyes.

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