Lok Kawi Wildlife ParkIt is really important for one to learn the ways to appreciate the small things in life, especially the beauty of the Mother Nature. In Sabah, the local government had been pouring in lots of effort to enable the little elements – flora and fauna – in the state can be preserved and protected so that the future generation can also obtain the chance to witness them in the future. If you are also a person with an appreciative heart towards the flora and fauna in the state, perhaps you can consider heading on to the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park to further enhance your appreciation towards these small elements embedded in our Mother Nature.

The Sabah Wildlife Department has been really supportive in protecting the wildlife in the state. The Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is one place which is under the administration of the local government to ensure that the precious wildlife in the state is being protected and in the same time, avoiding them from being exposed to any unwanted dangers. This park is also one of the best parks to be visited with your children as the park is designed to be more family-oriented and thus, making the main emphasis of the park to enhance the knowledge and appreciation of the future generation towards these precious animals.

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park orang utanIn the park, you will be able to find all sorts of precious animals which can rarely be seen in the wild. Some of these animals include the Sumatran rhinoceros, the trademark Orang Utan of Malaysia, the Malayan tiger, and a lot more. The whole park gives out a strong zoo atmosphere but the park has an advantage compared to the common zoo we visit as it also preserves animals which are near extinction, thus, allowing it to become a preservation and protection center for these precious animals as well.

In the same time, you can also grab this opportunity to learn more about the precious fauna in the state. The botanical garden in the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park offers you the chance to experience jungle trekking, which can be further explored on the botanical trail in the park itself. Here, you will obtain the chance to observe different plant species in the park in a close distance. The tour guide in the park will also give you detailed explanations about these plant species which many of these facts might be unknown to many.

Before you leave the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, be sure to stop by the souvenir shops available in the park to purchase some of the handmade gifts produced by the local people in Sabah as a remembrance for your trip to the wildlife park.

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