Malaysian Army MuseumMalaysia is undoubtedly a land full of historical and cultural attractions. Malaysia had gone through a tough war period and had in fact, contributed to being part of the memorable historical period in the country. One of the best ways to understand the footprints left behind by Malaysian during its confrontation with the war period is through the visit of museums and attractions that can portray the historical moments of the past or still bear the scars of those war times. By this, Malaysian Army Museum situated in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan might just be one of the best places you can visit in order to get a full picture of Malaysian military heritage.

The Malaysian Army Museum is base in Port Dickson, which has a rich historical story to tell on the land alone as it was once the location where the Malay Regiment’s initial nucleus was formed in 1933. Currently, this is also the base in which the Royal Military College is located, training more recruits for the Malaysian Army each year. Thus, if you are interested in knowing the history and the formation of the Malaysian Army, the Malaysian Army Museum is definitely one place you should stop by when you visit Malaysia.

The Malaysian Army Museum was built with the aim to expose the public with the contribution of the Malaysian Army during the war period in Malaysia in fighting for the country’s independence, as well as exposing the public to the contribution made by the Malaysian Army in fighting for the country’s freedom in the same time. All these objectives can be made possible by the presentation of the largest military artifacts housing the modals of various combat vehicles and weapons used by the Malaysian Army in the past. This would definitely give you a close-up look on the equipments the Malaysian Army used, especially when you are able to see the details of these equipments up-close, which is definitely more beneficial than watching them through movies or pictures.

Malaysian Army Museum DisplayIn the same time, you will also be able to see the whole process carried out by the Malaysian Army in the past including certain actions they conducted such as providing supplies to the people as well as their actions during the war time. Through these, you will thus be able to see the unique aircrafts used by the Malaysian Army at that moment of time, which is definitely a precious experience as the chances to see a real Malaysian Army aircraft is rare and not to be easily seen elsewhere. Thus, if you are interested with the different aircrafts used by the Malaysian Army during the war period, the Malaysian Army Museum is one must-go for you to be able to help you gain more exposure and experience on the unique and memorable aircrafts.

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