Mandara Spa massageThe body condition of an individual is very important for him/her to enjoy during one’s vacation. Thus, besides of conducting the proper and extensive research on the vacation spots that one would visit during his/her vacation, it is also important for one to ensure that they can find the best accommodation or recreation center for them to recharge their energy when they are exhausted after the expedition. If you are looking for such place in Sabah, the Mandara Spa in the Mangellan Sutera Hotel located in Kota Kinabalu might be the very place you are searching for.

The Mandara Spa in the Magellan Sutera Hotel will give you the premium Balinese style massage which will definitely provide you with a whole new experience of massaging in Malaysia which you would not be able to experience it elsewhere. Besides of the reputable Balinese style massage, the spa is also well-known for its relaxing ambiance and surrounding which can definitely give you the soothing and relaxing atmosphere once you step into the spa.

Besides of enjoying the first-class treatment provided to you by the Mandara Spa, do not forget to make sure that you observe the surrounding of the spa before you leave the place. The spa presents you with the extraordinary combination of cultures from various countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and India. Apart from that, you would not need to worry that the decorations and designs of the spa is outdated because the decorations follow the latest beauty trends in the other countries and thus, presenting you with the up-to-date and jaw-dropping beauty atmosphere you will ever experience in the state.

Mandara SpaFurthermore, in order to ensure that you will be able to fully enjoy yourself when you are in the Mandara Spa, the person-in-charge of the spa also makes sure that traditional techniques of massaging are well-blended with the sophisticated modern massaging techniques to suit the customer’s needs. Thus, you would expect yourself to enjoy a combination of the traditional Balinese massaging technique and the modern Elemis spy therapy when you are visiting the place.

If you are looking forward for more variations on the massage techniques provided by the Mandara Spa, you are looking at the right place. The spa center provides you will all kinds of different massaging techniques and spa therapies such as the Herbal Steam Bath, the Mandara Massage, different Foot Massage, and also the special Yin and Yang package which is designed specifically for couples who wish to spend some private time between themselves when they are visiting the place.

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