Mountain Torq Via FerrataIt is an exceptionally amazing thing to do when you are to try out something really challenging and unbelievable in another country instead of your own. When you are in Sabah, you got every chance you have to break one of your own records in doing something totally unpredictable. If you are looking forward for a chance like this, perhaps the Mountain Torq Via Ferrata in Kundasang could be the ideal checkpoint for you when you are spending your holiday in Sabah.

There is a reason when the mountain is named as such. In short, to translate the mountain’s name so it makes sense to you, the name of the mountain actually means roads secured mainly by ladders, lifelines, cables, and handrails only. By the sound of it, are you starting to imagine some challenges which tend to be part of the Amazing Race or the Fear Factor? You are almost right. But don’t worry. This challenge is completely safe and the local people who are to help you to go through this challenge are all well-prepared with all kinds of safety guides to make sure that you instead of having fear throughout your whole adventure, you will feel excited instead.

Mountain Torq Via Ferrata bridgeFurthermore, to make things more convenient for visitors like you, the local people responsible of the mountain had also taken the effort to provide you with great services such as packages which you can choose from base on your interest, preference, and ability. These packages include various challenging and exciting activities such as the Balancing Act, Conquer the Torq, Walk the Torq, the High Path, and many more. Before attempting any of these activities, it is recommended for you to know more of the activities first in order to judge your own abilities in participating in any of the activities you are interested in.

If you are a beginner in such challenging sports but are willing to try out, there are also various activities which are catered to beginners like you. You can take part in the introduction lessons conducted by local experts in order to get yourself familiar with the challenge that you will be tested later on. These lessons include the introduction to sports climbing, rope ascending, and so on.

In order to enjoy these adventures entirely, it is also recommended for visitors to stay the night on the mountain. Accommodations are provided for visitors, which will help you in recharging your energy so that you can take part in more of the activities on the mountain later.

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