Negeri Sembilan State LibraryA vacation is an occasion when one spends their time indulging in activities which will help them to relax and assist them to escape from the usual pressure and stress they face in their overloaded work. However, a vacation can be enjoyable as well when one indulges in doing things they like. Sometimes, old habits are hard to be changed, and this includes people who like to read. Thus, if you are setting your foot in Negeri Sembilan and have a sudden urge to read, you can always visit the Negeri Sembilan State Library to fulfill your cravings.

Upon reaching the Negeri Sembilan State Library, you will be exposed to the apparent reflection of the colonial era’s building style from the building designs and architectures style of the building. Perhaps one of the most amazing facts that you will discover from the Negeri Sembilan State Library is that the library was built without the use of a single pile and it still manages to stand strong and stable until today.

The Negeri Sembilan State Library has students, local researchers and academicians as its frequent visitors. This is not hard to understand as the State Library possesses all kinds of books which are being organized and divided into categories for the visitors’ convenience to look for a certain book. The major divisions organized by the State Library include the children section, the general titles section, the reference section, and also the special Negeri Sembilan section. If you are interested with the state’s history, culture, and tradition, the Negeri Sembilan section will definitely meet your urge for all these knowledge as the section collects all kinds of data and information of the state, which you can search with ease through the computerized data provided for your convenience in the State Library.

Besides, if you are to set foot in the Negeri Sembilan State Library, you must not forget to observe the beautiful wood-craved cupboards and cabinets use to house the books. The wood-craved furniture will indirectly tell you the legend, tradition, and culture of the local people in Negeri Sembilan through the wood-crafting skill being implemented on the furniture. Thus, being surrounded by such fascinating furniture in the State Library will definitely allow you to feel the atmosphere of the local culture and in the same time, you would also be able to improve your knowledge and fulfill your urge to know more about the culture of Negeri Sembilan by reading the journals and books in the State Library. If you are not too fond with words, the State Library also provides you with photos and pictures that will help you in understanding more about the local culture even without reading the full-texted books in the library.

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