Being a country with diverse cultures and races, Malaysia achieves great achievements when it is able to preserve and maintain the unity spirit between the different races and religions of the people in Malaysia. As all of us are well-aware of, being able to reside in the same society with people who are excessively different with us is something we should be proud of, and the people of Malaysia has definitely achieved this. Besides of the tolerance and endurance given by the Malaysian towards each other, the government of Malaysia also plays an important role in ensuring that the Malaysian society is in the best condition so that the people of Malaysia are able to get the best out of the country.

When you visit Malaysia on tour, it is also recommended for you to visit the State Secretariat Building – which you can find one in Negeri Sembilan – to know more about the functions behind the Malaysian government in contributing towards the unity and peace of the Malaysian society today. The State Secretariat Building in Negeri Sembilan is also known as the Wisma Negeri. In here, you will be able to find the State government – in this case, the Negeri Sembilan – machineries, as well as the Menteri Besar’s office. It would definitely be an amazing experience to witness for yourself the working environment of the governors of Malaysia, as you would not be able to approach one easily by yourself.

Apart from that, you will also be able to explore more of the local culture through the building design of the State Secretariat Building when you visit one in Negeri Sembilan. One of the most well-known parts of the State Secretariat Building is its buffalo-horned roof. This unique design was inspired by a famous legend amongst the local society. Thus, visiting the State Secretariat Building will definitely expose you to the well-known local beliefs and legends that you can explore yourself instead of just seeing and hearing about them through books or movies.

Furthermore, the most important thing you must not forget when you visit the State Secretariat Building in Negeri Sembilan is to explore the presentation related to the function of the Malaysian government in the building. Here, you can learn more about the Malaysian governments functions when the State Secretariat Building presents you with all kinds of governmental elements such as the governmental office units and divisions, the governmental meeting halls, as well as the different protocol units in the governmental sectors. These are all unique experiences that you are unable to gain easily from your everyday exposure.

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