Botanical Gardens PenangThe island of Penang has many great and exciting destinations to offer for every kind of tourist. Nature lovers will most definitely love the island that has many great sanctuaries that play home to some of nature’s best exhibits.

One such destination that is a must on every nature lovers list is the Botanic Gardens of Penang. The park was started way back in the 1800s by the superintendent of the Botanic Gardens of Singapore. The botanical gardens has been supervised and kept alive through the years and it was only in 1956 that the first Malaysian took over as curator of the garden. The garden is an old one and is today kept well preserved by the Penang State Government.

A trip to the Penang Botanical Garden will definitely see you walk out of the place with a deeper sense of the historical and cultural value of the gardens. This is also the right place to be in if you are a garden enthusiasts as the garden offers professional advice on anything about botanical. If you are not much of a nature enthusiast, the garden is still the very best spot on the island to go for a jog and do some exercise.

Walking along the garden trails is certainly an interesting journey. Here you will find many interesting trees like the Cannon Ball tree and the Pinang Palm which became the name of the island of Penang. The garden plays home to many unique types of flora and the garden is definitely visitor friendly with little labels nearby to help tourist have a deeper understanding of what they are looking at. The garden is the right place to view some exotic plant species of ferns, cactus and herbs that are very hard to find elsewhere.

Botanical Gardens Penang butterfliesWhile walking along the trail, do keep an eye out for the friendly creatures that call the park their home. If you are lucky, you can see agile squirrels coming out to play. Monkeys, butterflies, insects of all sorts and even fish in the pond are just some of the creatures you can spot while walking around in the park.

Right here in the park, experience the tropical rain-forest and the cool crisp air that the park has to offer. Walk further down and you can see the Waterfall River; a great place to have a picnic. Visitors have the chance of viewing two orchid houses which exhibit many wild and cultivated orchid species. The best time to visit the garden would be during the dry season as the flowers here will be in full bloom and don’t forget to bring along your camera to capture every beautiful moment in the botanical gardens!

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