Perak is an interesting state to visit. Its beautiful mountain ranges, its heritage and cultural sites to visit and beautiful islands with perfect sun-kissed beaches are just some of the reasons that you should make you consider visiting this unique state.

Perak is known for its many limestone hills particularly because it has the longest range running through the state. The mountains in Perak are definitely everywhere and they dominate the sky line here. Most of the limestone crops have temples in them that function as places of worship and respect for devotees from around the region. The locals take care of the temple and ensure that the grounds are well kept.

The Perak Tong is one such cave that houses a cave temple. The structure is a magnificent one that has a grand flight of stairs leading to the front entrance of the temple structure. Sitting in the center of the temple is a high sitting Buddha statue. The cave temple attracts tourists from around the world because it is home to over forty Buddha statues in different positions. It definitely is a must-see for all culture lovers!

The main altar here has many incense and jaw sticks offered by devotees who visit the temple regularly. Visitors are welcomed to do so if they really want to. Go past the main altar and enter the passage ways that lead you to the inside of the cave. It definitely is an adventure in itself as you explore the grounds of the temple and cave. The walls of the interior side of the cave have interesting drawings of religious settings and tales that will definitely mesmerize you. The mystical mural paintings here are said to be drawn a long time ago. The inside of the cave, like caves elsewhere are cool so you can just take a leisurely stroll down the passage way and enjoy the occasional breeze that comes in through the openings here.

 Don’t stop here; walk along the passage way until you come to a flight of steep steps. The climb is pretty steep and takes quite an effort to make it all the way up to the top but the view from the top of the hill is definitely worth it. There are a total of 385 steps to this flight of stairs and once you reach the top, you can see the beautiful countryside and its beautiful luscious green scenery; a perfect place to watch a sunset!

Recommended Area to Stay in Perak:
Pulau Pangkor
The perfect place for seeking true island escape, with just a short ferry ride from Lumut.
Ipoh City
A gateway to all the city attractions with diversified of accommodation options available to choose from.
A heritage town rich in tin mining history and serene atmosphere.