Ramadhan Festival

The 9th month of the Islamic Calendar marks the month of Ramadhan. During this period, all healthy Muslims in Malaysia go through fasting every day without fail. It is during periods like this where you can truly see the integrated unity among the different races in Malaysia. For Ramadhan, the other races respect the Muslims by not eating or drinking in front of them, as to not make their fasting periods harder. Furthermore, the Muslims repay this respects by serving delicious Malay delicacies during the break-fast period, or also known as ‘Buka Puasa’. This festival truly showcases the respect and unity all the races in Malaysia have where everyone, despite their race, colour or religion can get together and just enjoy each other’s company.

Event: Ramadhan Festival

Venue: Throughout Malaysia

Date: 28 June – 27 July 2014