Redang Airport is a short take-off and landing (STOL) airport located on Redang Island, off the coast of Terengganu state. As a STOL airport, it is designed to accommodate smaller aircraft, mainly for tourists flying into the island. The airport’s IATA code is “RDN”, and ICAO code is “WMPR”.

Redang Island surrounding consists of the airport, jetties, resorts, fishing port, local villages, jungles, and beaches. Together with 8 small islands surrounding Redang Island, the 9 islands are collectively known as “Redang Marine Park”.

How to travel between Redang Airport and various resorts in Redang

Passengers can travel between the airport and Redang Island surroundings:

By van transfer:

There is no public transportation on the island. As such, transfers between the airport and resorts have to be pre-arranged before arriving. Some resorts provide transfer services for free but some resorts charge around RM20 to RM40 for one-way transfer.

By boat:

Some of the resorts are only accessible by boat. From Redang Airport, passengers will be transferred by van / car to Kampung Jetty. Here, passengers can board boat to their respective resort, which typically costs RM150 for 4 passengers. As there is no water taxi at Redang, boat transfers need to be pre-arranged as well. Hopping from one island / beach to another will also require a boat.

Airlines served by Redang Airport:

Redang Airport is connected to Subang Airport and seasonally to Singapore’s Changi Airport. Berjaya Air is the only airline operating at the airport currently.