Seri Menanti Royal MuseumMalaysia’s royal tradition has always been one of the main attractions of the country to attract more tourists – local or foreign – in visiting the country. If you are interested in knowing more about Malaysia’s palaces and royal traditions, Seri Menanti Royal Museum might just be one of the attractions you would like to stop by when you are in Negeri Sembilan.

The Seri Menanti Royal Museum is one of the famous landmarks in Negeri Sembilan and it is also one of the places you must visit when you visit Malaysia. Your visit to the Seri Menanti Royal Museum will definitely be a meaningful one as the Seri Menanti Royal Museum outlook as well as the interior designs was completely built with the concept of the Minangkabau traditional architecture. The most amazing part of the Seri Menanti Royal Museum is the fact that this museum is built without using a single nail or screw. This portrays the determination, creativity, and talent of the Malaysian in able to construct such a stable building which had been surviving for more than 100 years since 1902 (the date it was built). Visiting the museum will thus allow you to see with your own eyes the magnificent architecture of the museum as well as to understand more of the Malaysian royal tradition and culture in the museum itself.

One obvious feature of the Seri Menanti Royal Museum is the roof of the museum. Nowhere to be seen in any other foreign countries, the roof design of the Seri Menanti Royal Museum was designed based on the Minangkabau traditional architecture, following the similar designs of the village houses roofs. Thus, one step into the Seri Menanti Royal Museum will definitely gives you the atmosphere of the Malaysian tradition and the effort Malaysian had poured in when they built the museum.

Seri Menanti Royal Museum gardenThe external look of the Seri Menanti Royal Museum is undeniably amusing; however, you must not forget to step into the museum itself, in which you will find yourself being escorted around the small villages located inside. In this short tour, you will be exposed to more traditional architectures of the Minangkabau through the village’s setting as well as the designs used in building the houses in the small village.

After a tour in the Seri Menanti Royal Museum, you can now step out of the museum and enjoy the jaw-dropping views around the museum, or you can even proceed to the highest level of the museum to see the overview surroundings of the museum. You can also enjoy horse rides outside the Seri Menanti Royal Museum or capture some pictures for remembrance at the horse carriages situated outside the museum.

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