Sabah Agriculture ParkAre you looking for a place in Sabah which can help you to know more of the state’s preserved flora species? If you are, perhaps the Sabah Agriculture Park is the right place for you. The agriculture park is a well-maintained park, specifically under the maintenance of the state agriculture department. Thus, if you are to visit the park, you will definitely obtain a lot of knowledge – common or uncommon – related to the flora species in the state of Sabah.

There are many sites which you can visit in the Sabah Agriculture Park. One of them is the Native Orchids Centre, which you will be exposed to a huge number of different orchid species residing in the state. Besides of the common orchid species which you can easily find no matter by the roadside or in someone’s pot of plant, you can also find certain rare or even endangered species being breed here in the orchids centre. This is definitely a golden opportunity for you to get to know more of these rare species which you might never find elsewhere.

Apart from that, you can also visit the Bee Centre and Museum situated in the Sabah Agriculture Park which will allow you to know more of the different types of bees which can be found in the state of Sabah. Besides of the local bee species, you can even find other types of bee are well-known all around the world. After getting to know about the habitats of the bees, you can also learn the ways to extract honey from the bee hives along with the equipments that are to be used for this purpose. The museum also magnifies the lifestyle of the bees by allowing you to observe the bees’ activities up close.

Sabah Agriculture Park gardenThere is also a Plant Evolution & Plant Adaptation Garden which you can visit in the agriculture park. Here, you will get a better idea of the histories of the flora species in the state, along with the evolution they had went through in allowing them to grow into the plants they are today. You can also get a step-by-step process which exposes you to the process these plants have to go through especially when they need to adapt to their changing environment to survive in the wild nature.

If you are not too fond of the flora species, you can also try out the Animal Park in the agriculture centre to know more of the fauna species in Sabah. This Animal Park is more like a mini zoo housing different fauna species which are most likely to be found in Sabah. It is also a good opportunity for you to observe these animals up close, which you may not be able to do so in your daily life.

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