Sabah State Museum & Heritage VillageSabah consists of many local stories preserved and cherished by the local tribes which many would not discover until they actually step into the land. If you are interested in taking a quick glance of these unique cultures and traditions, the Sabah State Museum & Heritage Village is a good place for you to explore.

The Sabah State Museum & Heritage Village locates in a very memorable and historical land in which the land used to be the place where it was once owned by the British North Borneo Governor’s Istana many years ago. By visiting the land, you might even be able to discover some surprises related to the local history which you never know. The place is also a humongous place for one to explore and you might want to consider allocating your entire day to the place so that you can completely explore the place thoroughly.

There are many segments in the place which you can explore such as the Main Building, the Art Gallery, the Science and Education Centre, as well as the Heritage Village. You will find yourself being immersed in different atmospheres when you are in a different segment; and besides, these segments also provide you with the golden opportunity to learn more of the local cultures and traditions through different perspectives, both through the lenses of the local people as well as from the foreigners.

Sabah State Museum & Heritage Village boat displayThere are also many exhibition halls which you can further your exploration in the Sabah State Museum & Heritage Village. These exhibition halls are definitely worth exploring as they expose to you the various local cultures which had been well-preserved throughout the generations. In here, you will discover many handmade products entirely produced with the local traditional skills. It is a good chance for you to learn more of the crafting of the traditional weapons, the making of the ceramics, and even the producing of different traditional musical instruments in an up-close manner.

Besides, exploring the place can also help you learn more of the rituals and daily lifestyles which are still being incorporated in the livings of the local tribes in Sabah. This may be an even more fruitful discovery and observation rather than solely watching them from the television or reading about them from the books. If you are lucky, you might even land yourself with different cultural performances performed for you by the local population. Feel the vibes of the locals when you are being immersed in their splendid yet precious local cultures and traditions.

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